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(a) MEMBERSHIP- There is established a National Advisory Council on Indian Education (hereafter in this section referred to as the Council), which shall —

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(1) consist of 15 Indian members, who shall be appointed by the President from lists of nominees furnished, from time to time, by Indian tribes and organizations; and

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(2) represent different geographic areas of the United States.

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(b) DUTIES- The Council shall —

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(1) advise the Secretary concerning the funding and administration (including the development of regulations and administrative policies and practices) of any program, including any program established under this part —

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(A) with respect to which the Secretary has jurisdiction; and

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(B)(i) that includes Indian children or adults as participants; or
(ii) that may benefit Indian children or adults;

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(2) make recommendations to the Secretary for filling the position of Director of Indian Education whenever a vacancy occurs; and

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(3) submit to Congress, not later than June 30 of each year, a report on the activities of the Council, including —

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(A) any recommendations that the Council considers appropriate for the improvement of Federal education programs that include Indian children or adults as participants, or that may benefit Indian children or adults; and

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(B) recommendations concerning the funding of any program described in subparagraph (A).