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(a) AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES- The Secretary may use funds made available under section 7152(b) for each fiscal year to —

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(1) conduct research related to effective approaches for the education of Indian children and adults;

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(2) evaluate federally assisted education programs from which Indian children and adults may benefit;

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(3) collect and analyze data on the educational status and needs of Indians; and

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(4) carry out other activities that are consistent with the purpose of this part.

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(b) ELIGIBILITY- The Secretary may carry out any of the activities described in subsection (a) directly or through grants to, or contracts or cooperative agreements with, Indian tribes, Indian organizations, State educational agencies, local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, including Indian institutions of higher education, and other public and private agencies and institutions.

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(c) COORDINATION- Research activities supported under this section —

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(1) shall be carried out in consultation with the Office of Educational Research and Improvement to ensure that such activities are coordinated with and enhance the research and development activities supported by the Office; and

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(2) may include collaborative research activities that are jointly funded and carried out by the Office of Indian Education Programs and the Office of Educational Research and Improvement.