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(a) IN GENERAL- The Secretary may make grants to Indian tribes, and tribal organizations approved by Indian tribes, to plan and develop a centralized tribal administrative entity to —

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(1) coordinate all education programs operated by the tribe or within the territorial jurisdiction of the tribe;

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(2) develop education codes for schools within the territorial jurisdiction of the tribe;

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(3) provide support services and technical assistance to schools serving children of the tribe; and

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(4) perform child-find screening services for the preschool-aged children of the tribe to —

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(A) ensure placement in appropriate educational facilities; and

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(B) coordinate the provision of any needed special services for conditions such as disabilities and English language skill deficiencies.

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(b) PERIOD OF GRANT- Each grant awarded under this section may be awarded for a period of not more than 3 years. Such grant may be renewed upon the termination of the initial period of the grant if the grant recipient demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Secretary that renewing the grant for an additional 3-year period is necessary to carry out the objectives of the grant described in subsection (c)(2)(A).

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(1) IN GENERAL- Each Indian tribe and tribal organization desiring a grant under this section shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, containing such information, and consistent with such criteria, as the Secretary may prescribe in regulations.

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(2) CONTENTS- Each application described in paragraph (1) shall contain —

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(A) a statement describing the activities to be conducted, and the objectives to be achieved, under the grant; and

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(B) a description of the method to be used for evaluating the effectiveness of the activities for which assistance is sought and for determining whether such objectives are achieved.

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(3) APPROVAL- The Secretary may approve an application submitted by a tribe or tribal organization pursuant to this section only if the Secretary is satisfied that such application, including any documentation submitted with the application —

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(A) demonstrates that the applicant has consulted with other education entities, if any, within the territorial jurisdiction of the applicant who will be affected by the activities to be conducted under the grant;

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(B) provides for consultation with such other education entities in the operation and evaluation of the activities conducted under the grant; and

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(C) demonstrates that there will be adequate resources provided under this section or from other sources to complete the activities for which assistance is sought, except that the availability of such other resources shall not be a basis for disapproval of such application.

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(d) RESTRICTION- A tribe may not receive funds under this section if such tribe receives funds under section 1144 of the Education Amendments of 1978.