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(a) GRANTS AUTHORIZED- In addition to the grants authorized by section 7122(c), the Secretary may make grants to eligible consortia for the provision of high quality in-service training. The Secretary may make such a grant to —

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(1) a consortium of a tribal college and an institution of higher education that awards a degree in education; or

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(2) a consortium of —

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(A) a tribal college;

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(B) an institution of higher education that awards a degree in education; and

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(C) one or more elementary schools or secondary schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, local educational agencies serving Indian children, or tribal educational agencies.

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(1) IN-SERVICE TRAINING- A consortium that receives a grant under subsection (a) shall use the grant funds only to provide high quality in-service training to teachers, including teachers who are not Indians, in schools of local educational agencies with substantial numbers of Indian children enrolled in their schools, in order to better meet the needs of those children.

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(2) COMPONENTS- The training described in paragraph (1) shall include such activities as preparing teachers to use the best available scientifically based research practices and learning strategies, and to make the most effective use of curricula and materials, to respond to the unique needs of Indian children in their classrooms.

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(c) PREFERENCE FOR INDIAN APPLICANTS- In applying section 7143 to this section, the Secretary shall give a preference to any consortium that includes one or more of the entities described in section 7143.