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(a) IN GENERAL- The Secretary may make grants, from allocations made under section 7113, to local educational agencies and Indian tribes, in accordance with this section and section 7113.

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(1) ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS- A local educational agency shall be eligible for a grant under this subpart for any fiscal year if the number of Indian children eligible under section 7117 who were enrolled in the schools of the agency, and to whom the agency provided free public education, during the preceding fiscal year —

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(A) was at least 10; or

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(B) constituted not less than 25 percent of the total number of individuals enrolled in the schools of such agency.

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(2) EXCLUSION- The requirement of paragraph (1) shall not apply in Alaska, California, or Oklahoma, or with respect to any local educational agency located on, or in proximity to, a reservation.

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(1) IN GENERAL- If a local educational agency that is otherwise eligible for a grant under this subpart does not establish a committee under section 7114(c)(4) for such grant, an Indian tribe that represents not less than 1/2 of the eligible Indian children who are served by such local educational agency may apply for such grant.

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(2) SPECIAL RULE- The Secretary shall treat each Indian tribe applying for a grant pursuant to paragraph (1) as if such Indian tribe were a local educational agency for purposes of this subpart, except that any such tribe is not subject to section 7114(c)(4), section 7118(c), or section 7119.